Six Dome Synagogue - “Alti Gumbaz”

Synagogue Attractions

Alti Gumbaz Synagogue in the Red Village (Isaak Khanukov str., 9) was built in 1888 by architect Hillel ben Haim, who contributed greatly to the development of the architectural landscape of the town.

The six domes of this hexagonal-shaped synagogue are an homage to the emigrants from Qulqat who moved to the modern-day Qirmizi Qasaba six days after the invitation of Huseynali Khan of Quba. During the Soviet years, the building was used as a warehouse, then a sewing workshop. In 1991, the building was again allowed to be used as a synagogue, and in 1995, it was thoroughly restored. Daily morning and evening prayers, as well as special prayers and rituals on holidays and, are held in the synagogue. The oriental-style synagogue is mainly used in the summertime.