Gisory Cemetery and grave of Rabbi Gershon


Gisori is one of the main neighborhoods of the Red Settlement. Gisori is one of several neighborhoods that make up Red Village. Former residents of this neighborhood are laid to rest in Gisori Cemetery, one of Red Village’s oldest cemeteries, located on the hill’s steep slope. The earliest gravestones in this cemetery were erected between 1807 and 1814. They are approximately 80cm tall and made of fieldstone, with inscriptions chiseled into the stone slab. Other early 19th-century tombstones are plain rectangular stela. Simple ornaments in the form of an open rosette first appeared on stones in the mid-nineteenth century, and those from the second half of the 19th century are adorned with leaves and David’s stars. The inscriptions are framed by a pointed arch. A pointed arch frames the inscriptions.