Memorial Board of Albert Agarunov


Albert Agarunov, who
was born in Baku’s Amirjan settlement, joined the Azerbaijani army as a
volunteer during the First Karabakh War in 1991. He was able to eliminate 9
tanks and 7 armored personnel carriers in only a few months as a tank commander
in the 777th Special Battalion. However, on May 8, 1992, while climbing out of
his tank to separate the bodies of fallen comrades, he was shot by a sniper. On
the battlefield, he was killed. Albert Agarunov was posthumously honored as a
“National Hero of Azerbaijan” in 1992 for his bravery and heroism in
defending Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity and civilian population.

Both the mullah and the rabbi
prayed at Albert Agarunov’s memorial service. He was laid to rest in The Alley
of Martyrs, located in Baku. Albert had numerous opportunities to leave
Azerbaijan, but he chose to stay and fight for his country. His valiant life
continues to be a symbol of Azerbaijan’s centuries-long Jewish-Muslim unity and

the Second Karabakh War in 2020, when Azerbaijan liberated its lands after 30
years of occupation, Albert remained a hero and source of inspiration for all
of Azerbaijan.