House of the Agababayev merchant family



Trade was the primary occupation of Red Village residents at the turn
of the twentieth century. Some were highly successful, with shops not just in
Red Village, but also in Guba and Khachmaz. Among them was the Agababayev
family, who traded carpets.


The Agababyevs were among the first family to settle themselves in Red
Village’s Gileki district. Several generations later, the brothers Ikhiil,
Asaf, and Nuvakh became carpet experts, Guba being one of Azerbaijan’s key
carpet hubs. Asaf worked his way up through the carpet trade, traveling Turkey
and Iran.  The Agababayevs’ residences had running water and electricity,
which was exceptional at the time. They also owned a large garden on the
outskirts of town.


Unfortunately, the building is currently sealed, but the magnificent
architectural elements of the front facade may be observed from the little yard
in front of the house.