Jewish Heritage Tour Madrid

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Madrid is not only Spain's capital, but the largest city in the country. Many of its streets and neighborhoods have maintained their historic essence and the large museums and landmarks help to preserve the city's rich history. The Royal Palace of Madrid, Royal Theatre, Golden Triangle of Art Museums, Buen Retiro Park, and the 19th century National Library are just some of the city's features that preserve the culture that once took over the entire city.  Much like the rest of Spain, Madrid's Jewish history consists of two types of periods- perspiration and development, and persecution. The Jewish communities thrived in Spain during the Middle Ages but were later expelled in 1492. It was during the mid-19th century that Jews began returning to Madrid and today, Madrid has one of the countries largest Jewish communities. The Jewish Heritage Tour will take you through Madrid’s central neighborhoods which once made up the city's Jewish quarter. Today, thousands make up the city's Jewish community and there are several synagogues and even a Jewish day school. During the 1991 peace talks between Israel, Syria, Jordan, and the Palestinians, Madrid became a notable place in Jewish history. There are also national institutions in Madrid that own centuries-old Jewish texts not found anywhere else in the world. Madrid has a rich Jewish history and modern presence and this tour will teach you about the Jewish heritage sites and help you better understand what Jewish life was once like in Madrid.