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Dizengoff Fountain

The "Fire and Water Fountain", commonly referred to as "Dizengoff Square Fountain", is a Tel Avivian landmark in the center of Dizengoff Square. Dedicated in 1986, the fountain is a kinetic sculpture and the work of the Israeli artist, Yaacov Agam. Agam developed this fountain over a period of ten years and it is one of his most renowned creations. He has gained international recognition as one of the founders of the kinetic art movement. The fountain consists of an illusory and a movement dimension. These are both typically works of Kinetic and Op art, which is achieved by the use of technology and the observer's movement. The fountain is composed of several big jagged wheels, which were designed in the kinetic style (colored geometric shapes, which are perceived as different images from different angles). A technological mechanism is automatically activated at different times of the day and the night, turning the wheels on their hinges, injecting water upwards in various forms, spitting fire upwards, while playing music. Throughout the years the fountain drew a lot of criticism from the Tel Aviv residents for the high cost of its ongoing maintenance. Until recently, the fountain was poorly maintained and occasionally stopped operating. However, the fountain was recently repainted and is a large social landmark known by all Tel Avivians. Photo Attributions: Ted Eytan, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons Ori lubin, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons Rubinstein Felix,, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

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Yuval De-Joannes

My Name is Yuval De-Joannes. I live in Moshav Tzafririm in the Ella Valley and I lead tours throughout the country for over twelve years. My passion for traveling began in my early school days, when I've joined the school of environmental studies in the Negev desert. Upon completing my military service as a paratrooper, and traveling the world for a couple of years, I've joined Ben-Gurion University and started my academic life. First, I've achieved a bachelor's degree in Behavioral sciences, and then through Haifa university, a Master's degree in Cultural Anthropology. My fieldwork took place in Ireland, on one of the Islands off the west coast, where I stayed for nearly two years. Upon my return, I tried to put into practice the knowledge of people and history I've gained and completed an International tour guiding course, conducted by the Open University, and another tour guiding course conducted by the ministry of tourism. A third course I've completed was conducted by the ministry of education. Through the years I've received special expertise certificates, from the ministry of tourism in Christianity, Zionism, desert tourism and wine tourism. From here the road was open to a new career. I've decided to focus on Israel, and to put all my energy in exploring it in depth. For me guiding is a passion, if not a call. Every tour I take is different for me. Even if the sites might repeat themselves, they are always fresh for me, cause every time I see them through different eyes, the eyes of those I travel with. When I'm not guiding I enjoy hiking in Israel and around the world, mountain biking and reading. I guide families and individuals in Hebrew, English and Italian, and offer a wide range of focal points - theological, archaeological, historical, botanical, geological and more. It could be a day tour or a full package tour, all customized to your needs and desires. I use a luxurious Mercedes van, so you can be sure to travel in comfort and safety.

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