Jewish Culture Days Berlin

6th November 2019 - 13th November 2019
Jewish Culture Days Berlin has a different theme each year, which is expressed through a range of exhibitions, concerts, performances, readings, discussions and more. This collective expression of Jewish culture takes place over eight days and has expanded every year. It now proudly honors Berlin as being, once again, the Jewish capital of Germany. The festival aims to reinforce the notion that while there is still the distinct tragic memorial aspect to the Jewish history in this city, there has been a revival of Jewish prosperity, strength, respect, and immersion into the local society. The festival was created to share and appreciate Jewish culture. With events scheduled throughout the city, visitors are presented with a vibrant display of Berlin’s modern Jewish population in a unique and exciting way. Covering a wide variety of areas such as music, food, religion, literature, arts and more, this festival truly exemplifies the robust nature of Jewish society in Germany today.