Miskolczy Family House / Adult Education Centre


The building in the city centre used to belong to the Miskolczy family of very prominent OsijekJewish merchants and industrialists. A public Adult Education Centre is situated there now. The family also owned the house at 3 Županijska (County) Street, one of the most prestigeous Upper Town locations.

The building in the historicism style in the very city centre, used to belong to a very prominent and important Osijek Jewish family of merchants, bankers and industrialists - the Miskolczy family. Their daughter Wilma became a very prominent writer of the first half of the 20th ct. Osijek history and life, tackling also Jewish issues. She wrote two novels in German: Die Heimatlosen (The Apatrides / People with no Homeland) and Spuren der Vergangenheit (Traces of past). There is a memorial plaque on this house marking Wilma von Vukelich's birthplace.