Jewish school and community building


The building of Jewish school and community, designed by Osijek architect Wilim Carl Hofbauer in 1899 and built in 1900. Since then it has been the most important building for the social, cultural and, recently, religious life of Osijek Jews, but also very important in the city life in general.

The two-story corner building of the Jewish school was the first building built in the Secessionist style in the city of Osijek (Essegg, Eszek). It was designed in 1899 by Osijek builder Wilim Carl Hofbauer and built in 1900. Since 1900 ther has been the seat of the Jewish Community of Osijek. in 1919 the Jewish Library was established in this building, and it was also the seat of many important Jewish associations. It was actually the centre of social and cultural life not only of Osijek Jews, but also of all Osijek citizens before World War II. Besides other Community acivities, a Sunday school has been organised in several rooms of this building since 2005, every Sunday from 10 to 12.30, teaching children about Jewish tradition, history, culture and customs.