Lower Town Jewish Cemetery

Cemetery Jewish Grave

Established in 1888. It is classified as an individualy protected cultural heritage site. At this momemnt there are between 150 and 200 graves

The Lower Town Jewish cemetery in Osijek was founded in 1888 and is still in use. It is located in the south-eastern outskirts of the city. The base of its ground plan is a rectangle of elongated shape. There is a wire fence with a gate around the cemetery. The main entrance, located on the northern part of the plot, makes access to the main longitudinal communication line - an earthy and grassy path, surrounded by a cypress alley ending on the south side in front of the ceremonial hall building dating from 1927. Behind the ceremonial hall, on the south side, there is a cemetery. The positioning pattern of individual graves reflects the planning approach of the space organisation.The small cemetery chapel was slightly damaged during the 1990s war, but it has been repaired. The cemetery contains around 150 mostly well-preserved and around 30 hardly readable remains of graves, with the inscriptions in Hebrew, German, Hungarian and Croatian.
Famous figures who have visited this site include: Branko Lustig, Oscar-winning film producer of 'Schindler's list' and 'Gladiator; Oscar Nemon, world-faamous sculptor of W. Churchill and British Royals (born as Oskar Neumann and grew up in Osijek)