Humanity' Monument Holocaust Memorial

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The sculpture was created by famous British sculptor Oscar Nemon. It was errected in one of the city centre squares as his gift to his hometown.

Being away from his hometown for a long time, Oscar Nemon, a famous British sculptor, born in Osijek as Oskar Neumann, felt the urge to create a sculpture for his hometown, thus repaying for the support given by the City Government in 1928 for casting some of his sculptures in bronze. So he created the sculpture known as Mother and Child (1965), a Monument to Holocaust Victims, showing a mother holding up a small child. It is a symbol of new hope, new life, love, maternity and new perspectives. Famous Osijek museum curator and manager Danica Pinterović, PhD, was also strongly engaged in the project of erection of this famous Osijek monument, the Monument to the Jews of Slavonia and Baranja. Apart from the fact that she supported the realisation of the project by her own money, she also acted as a link between the city, the Jewish Community of Osijek and Oscar Nemon, and also participated in the transfer of the plaster model from London as well as the casting of the sculpture in Zagreb. She was actually one of the main drivers of the whole project. The park where the sculpture is erected was named Oscar Nemon Park in 2009. The Jewish Community of Osijek marks Jom Hashoah every year by laying wreaths at this monument.
Famous figures who have visited this site include: Oscar Nemon, world-famous sculptor of W. Churchill and British Royals (born as Oskar Neumann and grew up in Osijek) - the author of this monument