Hotel Royal


A late historicistic building in the city centre, designed as hotel and built in 1905. Owned by the prominent Jewish family Görög.

A representative two-storey building was designed by Ivan Eduard Domes from 1904 to 1905 as a hotel. The facade of late historicism is shaped by a neo-Baroque expression. The hotel was owned by prominent Jewish family - brothers Görög (Ernest, Franjo,Viktor, Julije Vilim and Zoltan), who also owned the former Grand hotel (Psunj hotel after WWII, now Grand cafe) in Županijska Street. The representativeness of the building itself is reflected in the design of the interior space which had on the ground floor with a late historicist cafe with a summer garden, and the Secession (Art Nouveau) Cinema Theatre. The architectural value of the building is in proportions, the mass and surface rhythm, in the functional design of a space of rich decorativity that creates a stage atmosphere with harmonically embedded decorative details and architectural elements. Such emphasised representative function of the building shows a high level of social life in Osijek at the beginning of the 20th century. It is an individually protected cultural heritage site.