YIVO's 2022 Study Tours

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Lithuania & Poland

Join YIVO for an enlightening journey to Lithuania and Poland. Examine the life that was lived as you reconnect with your own heritage. Discover the remarkable treasures of old Warsaw, Kraków, Vilnius, and the magical Białowieża Forest.  

Literary Tour of Jewish Galicia

Due to popular demand and the success of the 2018 tour, YIVO will host its second Literary Tour of Jewish Galicia, where we will read the works of writers such as Peretz, Bruno Schulz, Agnon, Celan, Babel, and many others in the places that they were written, and travel through the historic landscape that shaped them.  

St. Petersburg – Moscow – Prague

YIVO is proud to announce a study tour to St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Prague. This tour will explore the history of Russian and Soviet Jewry, as well as visit some of the major attractions of these two Russian capitals. The tour will conclude in Prague, one of Europe’s most beautiful cities and home to one of the oldest Jewish communities in Europe.