The Rabbinate Building

Jewish Quarters Attractions

The Rabbinate building was built with support from the Rotschild of Vienna in 1840. The Rabbinate building is situated in the middle of a large garden surrounded by walls in the street once called the Hahambasi (Chief Rabbi) Street. The Rabbinate, as the name suggests, served as the offices of the Chief Rabbinate of Izmir.

Unleavened bread was made in a bakery erected adjacent to the Rabbinate in order to satisfy the needs of the Jewish community of Izmir during the “Passover” holiday. The central library and Yeshiva (theological school) of the Jewish community of Izmir had been located here and all the official affairs of the community were transacted at the Rabbinate by 1930.
The Rabbinate was evicted in 1997 and an office was rented at Alsancak to carry out the affairs of the community. Today, half of the roof of the building has collapsed and walls are distorted.