Shalom Synagogue

Synagogue Attractions

Shalom Synagogue is also known by the name of “El Kal de la Tromba” (the Synagogue of the Pump). It is the synagogue in which Joseph Escapa, Chief Rabbi as from 1620, had achived to organize the Jewish Community and became the leader starting from 1648.
Rabbi Escapa also provided young Sabbatai Zvi with religious education, but once Zvi declared himself Messiah, he got the ball running in the latter’s dismissal from Izmir.
Shalom Synagogue is the only synagogue which was not destroyed by the fire of 1841. The interior, which may be said to be the most authentic synagogue of Izmir, is reminiscent of a typical Anatolian house with its ceiling decorated with engravings, and floral cushioned sofas along the walls. Although it was built in the central style, in 1939, the Tevah was replaced before the wall across the Ehal.

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