6th March 2023 - 7th March 2023

The fourteenth and fifteenth of Adar are celebrated as Purim. The specific day on which the holiday is celebrated depends on the location; in places where it is celebrated on the fourteenth, it is not celebrated on the fifteenth, and vice versa.

The story of the joyous holiday might appear somber at first glance: It tells of the near-destruction of the Jewish people as decreed by Haman, an adviser to the Persian King Ahasuerus. However, Ahasuerus’ newly crowned queen, Esther — who replaced Vashti when she was thrown out of the kingdom — is secretly a Jew. Due to her courage and her eventual role in saving the Jews, the story of Purim is known as “Megillat Esther,” or the Scroll of Esther.

From Europe to the Middle East, Jews have been subjected to some of the most ruthless minority treatment in history. There have been many moments where Jewish communities around the world have thought, “This is the end.” However, most of the time it all works out and as a result, a new holiday is born. One choice joke that American Jews often like to employ during such holidays is, “They tried to kill us, they failed, let’s eat.” On Purim, this sentence is altered to read, “They tried to kill us, they failed, let’s party.”

Purim 2022:

Purim Items: Hamantaschen (Oznei Haman), Purim masks, and Gragger (traditional noise maker)

For the last two years, the pandemic canceled this opportunity. However, Purim 2022 is returning with vengeance and several major events in Israel. Grab your  costume and your alcohol of choice and take to the streets and bakeries for all the merriment.

This is possibly the most needed holiday in the last few years for the Jewish people and Israel. After all the stress, isolation, and precautions, it is high time that the entire nation let its hair down. Celebrating the continuation of life is a key pillar of many Jewish holidays, including Purim. This upcoming holiday will be a celebration of survival not only for the Jews of ancient Persia but also Jews of the modern age.