Moshiko Shawarma

Israeli Sandwich

Moshiko falafel and shawarma was established in1985 at 5 Ben Yehuda Street, on the main pedestrian street in the city of Jerusalem. In those days, the sidewalk was a focal point for events in the city (even before the era of malls), and Moshiko boasted its quality of food, abundance, freshness and variety of salads offered. Customers come from all walks of life – veteran Jerusalemites, tourists from within and abroad – and all flocked to the place. They continue to visit Moshiko with a lot of love and appreciation for a place that over the years has become a very well-known Jerusalem symbol and institution.

At Moshiko you will find, apart from the excellent food, a magical atmosphere that signals that you have come to just the right place. A place where you will enjoy delicious, healthy and fresh food, strictly kosher in Jerusalem with a supervisor close by. In general, the entire food preparation process takes place on site – the baking of pitas and production of all the dishes, including the huge variety of salads.

During 2009, Moshiko became a chain and opened another branch in Ramat Beit Hakerem – the “Moshiko Grill Bar” restaurant. During 2010, another branch of “Moshiko” was opened in Mevaseret Zion. Moshiko maintains a high level of quality, freshness and service. Do not forget to come hungry!