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Ishtabach is a Syrian and Kurdish hidden jem located in Jerusalem’s Machane Yehuda Market and notorious for serving some of the most delicious shamburak in Jerusalem. The shamburak pastry is filled with your choice of meat or veggies and served with endless housemade sauces and classic sides. The man behind this borek-like dish is Chef Oren Sasson-Levy, who was in a coma for two months and five days, and given a 5% chance to live. During his coma, he dreamt he saw his grandma and she told him that if he put all of his heart and soul into something, it would be phenomenal. When he woke up, he was inspired to open a restaurant. You can tell that Chef Oren put everything into these delicous baked pastries and from the raving reviews, it’s clear his hard work has paid off.