Minsk Central Yeshiva

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The former Central Yeshiva was an educational center for the Jewish population of Minsk, where every young person was given the opportunity to study Torah. It was built and opened in 1888, and there more than 160 rabbis were educated annually. Thanks to yeshivas, the religious culture of the Jews was preserved on the territory of Belarus.

Yeshiva is a higher Jewish educational institution, where students explore the main sources of the Written and Oral Torah . In 1888, a higher spiritual Jewish school was built and opened in Minsk - the Central Yeshiva, in Yiddish known as the "Gdola de Minsk" or in Russian the "Great Minsk Yeshiva", which moved here from the Cold Synagogue. Yeshiva was headed by the Chief Rabbi of Minsk Yeruhim Yehuda Leib Perelman (1833-1896), a native of Brest-Litovsk, who was respectfully called "Rav Gadol" ("Great" or "Great Rabbi"). More than 160 rabbis were educated annually there. The opportunity to study in a yeshiva and attain the highest degree of scholarship was given to every Jewish young man. The Minsk Central Yeshiva was officially closed by the Soviet authorities in 1921, but the House of Jewish Celebrations was opened here almost immediately. The building of the former Central Yeshiva has survived to this day. Now the famous in the city restaurant "Rakovsky Brovar" has settled here. Unfortunately, there is no plaque on the building of the former Central Yeshiva indicated the Jewish heritage of this place, as well as on other buildings of the Jewish heritage in Minsk.