Krakių Bendruomenės Svetainė

1st January 1970
Jewish Style Ethnic

Visitors to the site will be able to participate not only in programs of exceptional creativity, but also to taste the products supplied by local farmers and small producers. One of the main goals of the project is to promote cooperation between local food producers and local communities in the production, promotion and sale of their products by creating a public space. Encourage cooperation between food producers in the field of agricultural and food supply, combining transport, distribution, marketing, advertising and quality management activities, with the aim of ensuring that the products supplied reach the consumer quickly by developing the organization of the food supply chain.

The head of the community center says that by organizing food for consumers according to the so-called short and healthy food chain, the consumer has a great opportunity to find out what is being bought, what and how it is made. Benefits for both the producer, who can create more added value, and the consumer, who gets food closer and healthier. It is both an education and a benefit to nature. Still, there is still a lot to improve here. “It simply came to our notice then. There are people in the area who produce butter organically and grow vegetables, but people do not dare to apply to the Veterinary Service for a permit. And we are without permission – no way. “Our people are hardworking, they only have a lot of internal fears, which is the biggest obstacle,” Daiva is convinced.

Currently, agreements are being concluded with thirteen farmers and small producers of Kėdainiai region. Erikas Augustinavičius, one of the largest beekeepers in the area, will supply honey and its products. Eggs, vegetables and spices will be bought from local farmers. And that’s just the beginning of the list.

“Local produce is not just food. For example, the Ažytėnai community center has a sewing shop where she sews wonderful aprons and bags for spices. After all, it is also a local producer. Krakiškis Algimantas Vaiciekauskas weaves wonderful baskets and baskets. They can be used to add products and prepare business gifts for customers. Such a harmony is very beautiful. If you look more creatively, you can create a lot of wonderful things, ”said the community leader.

According to her, the site will initially produce traditional food from the region, such as zeppelins with curd, cold beets with sourdoughs, and customers will be invited to try new and exclusive dishes and desserts during the tastings.

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