Jews Children Orphanage

1st January 1970

In Kėdainiai there was an actively involved Jewish association of charity, social support, and culture Ezro, which owned some buildings and hired them out for poor countrymen, repaired and funded public buildings. The association Ezro worked to set up an orphanage here in Kėdainiai. In 1930, 23 children (13 boys and 10 girls) lived in Kėdainiai Jewish children’s orphanage. The orphanage owned a two-story house with a garden in Josvainių Street. Living conditions in the orphanage were good. Rooms were large, children were provided with clothes and footwear. The material position of the orphanage was maintained by the mentioned Ezro association, that established the orphanage. The orphanage was financed by Ministry of the Interior and Kėdainiai municipality. It is known that pupils of the orphanage would arrange plays and shows.

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