Jewish Buenos Aires and North of the city highlights

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Come explore the history of the Jewish people in Argentina, from its colonial times to modernity. As we navigate the history, traditions and landmarks of South America’s largest community, we’ll explore the neighborhoods of Once, Tribunales, Retiro, Recoleta and the colonial city center of Plaza de Mayo. We’ll go beyond tradition as we explore how politics and the broad history of Argentina shaped the Argentine Jewish Identity. Discover the Argentine Jewish identity as you learn about: -The origins and development of the Argentine Jewish Community. -The iconic Jewish Gauchos of the countryside. -The 1919 BA pogrom and the rise of antisemitism in Argentina. -WW2 in Argentina: Peronism, Nazis, Allies, the hunt for Eichmann. -The Disappeared Jews of the 1976 military dictatorship. -The 90’s terrorist attacks and aftermath. -Current events and challenges faced by our community.