Hazot (Midnight) Steakhouse


Legend has it that Jerusalem mix was invented in 1970 within the walls of a Hazot restaurant. It all started when the place’s founder, Avraham Agami, discovered that he did not have enough charcoal to roast the meat. So he decided to roast the pieces of meat on an iron plate heated on the gas. Everything else is history.

The name of the kosher restaurant was given to it thanks to another concept that was considered pioneering at the time – entertainment from midnight to the small hours. Since then, the place has become a Jerusalem institution, specializing in grilled meats, home-made dishes and of course the legendary Jerusalem mix that gets its flavors from a secret spice blend. The menu at Midnight Restaurant includes quality meats that are roasted at a temperature of 150 degrees. The salads are fresh and based on the seasonal offer that the Mahane Yehuda market has to offer.

The long-standing tradition of the Midnight Restaurant in Jerusalem is continued by the second generation of the Agami family, who skillfully handle meats and feed diners with no summer love.