HaAri 8

Vegetarian Steakhouse

In the heart of the picturesque town of Safed, there is a quality meat restaurant in a 120-year-old building. The restaurant is visited by residents of the city and the surrounding area, as well as tourists who came from afar, thanks to its good name. A warm and family atmosphere, quality meat dishes and a long-standing reputation are the main characteristics of our beautiful restaurant – Ari 8.

The menu is in command of chef Aviram Zeid, who started as a simple dishwasher, and gradually progressed between all positions, up to top chef. A rich and high-quality menu with meat dishes consisting of juicy slices, prepared with great love, in order to give them a great taste and wonderful aroma. In addition to homemade Galilean food, there are handmade pasta dishes with various sauces. There are also delicious sandwiches, fresh salads and more.

The place is suitable for families: there is a special room for children where they can have fun with stickers, booklets and games, while the parents enjoy their steak. As darkness falls, the atmosphere changes to a lively nightlife scene with good music and alcoholic beverages.