Urban Segway Tour

If you’re looking for a unique way to explore Prague, the Urban Segway Tour is just what you need. You can ride up and down the hills of Prague while discovering the famous sites and beautiful landscape that Prague has to offer. From the Prague Castle to the Strahov Monastery, you will be accompanied by a personal and knowledgeable guide who will share with you the hidden stories of the historic locations a landmarks. This is a truly unique experience you don’t want to miss.

Segway City Tour

Amsterdam has nearly 400 kilometers of bike lane and now you can drive a Segway on it while exploring the history and beautiful scenery and canals of Amsterdam. Segway City Tours gives you a unique opportunity as you glide over the streets without making a sound.  While riding a Segway might be a little intimidating for first-time riders, it’s actually very simple to balance and maneuver. After the first few minutes, you’ll be riding like a pro and won’t want to give up your Segway after the 90 minute tour.

Fat Tire Tours Berlin

Tired of walking or looking for a new and unique way to tour around the fascinating city of Berlin? Fat Tire Tours has the solution – hop aboard and get your tires to do all the hard work. Traveling by bike, e-bike, or segway will give you an interesting new view of an area you may have walked through before or offer a great way to see new sites.

Fat Tire Tours offers special tours that provide an experience you won’t find elsewhere. If you’re looking for a quick tour around the city’s highlights or an in-depth tour of a particular area or period in the city’s history, you can find a great range of options.

There are tours to suit every interest and budget. You can choose private tours to fit your specific preference, food tours to take you on a culinary journey through the city, historical tours to introduce you to some of the more difficult history of the region, or tours that take you around the modern and new areas of Berlin. No matter what your preferences, there is something for everyone.