Haifa Street Food Tour

Haifa boasts a thriving culinary scene that ranges from a variety of new and veteran gourmet restaurants, to some of the best and oldest street food establishments in the country. Haifa is known as a cultural tapestry, and is one of the few true examples of multicultural co-existence in the State of Israel. This lends itself to a widespread celebration of authentic Arabic-Galilean and Druze cuisines, that are unique to the city and its surrounding areas.

The port city is also home to many bars, pubs, and a thriving young nightlife scene, which includes our own original handcrafted beer, wine, and spirits.

No matter what you’re searching for, Haifa is a great place to set out, explore, and get your fill of authentic modern Israeli cuisine, and culture. -Haifa Street Food Tours

Jewish Quarter Pub Crawl

Ruin pubs began opening around Hungary a little over a decade ago and are typically set up in abandoned factory buildings, car garages, or even homes. On this tour, you will have an incredibly fun night while being introduced to the many pubs in the old Jewish district. During the four hours of bar hopping, you can expect to make new friends and interact with like-minded people who also are looking for a good time.

Your group along with a local guide will venture to 4 or 5 vibrant nightlife scenes where you will be introduced to the local drinking culture. With the purchase of your ticket, you get a guide to show you around the city and three drinks to get your night started. At the end of the tour you will get a map to help you get home and to further assist you in exploring Budapest’s nightlife.

Devour Madrid Food Tour

Devour Madrid allows you to discover Madrid on a personal, small group food tour! This walking tour is a culinary experience enjoyed by both visitors and locals and is a fun outing for the entire family. You will discover the ingredients and people behind the authentic Spanish dishes and will learn about the history and culture of Madrid as you visit the best food shops, bakeries, markets, and tapas bars. 

There are several food tours to choose from including an evening tapas tours, flamenco and tapas tours, wine and tapas tours, tapas and history tour, and Prado Museum and Botin lunch tours. If you’re a foodie looking to eat your way through the city while learning about the Madrid culture and history, this tour is for you.

Jewish Ghetto Food Tour

The Jewish Ghetto Food Tour allows you to explore one of the most charming areas of Venice while visiting more than six local eateries. You will visit an old coffee roaster, the Rabbi’s house, historic synagogues, and an old traditional bakery where you will be served specialty biscuits and cakes. You will visit several other restaurants where you will taste tradition Jewish-Venetian dishes like Artichoke Bottoms and Sarde al Saor with kosher wine, and specialty pasta dishes. This tour is a fun and tasty way to experience the history, art, and culture of Venice.

Original Europe Tours

The Original Europe Tours Berlin hosts several tour options for visitors to experience the historical and cultural aspects of the city. The company hosts several tours including a look into Berlin’s World War II history, a tour of the city’s craft breweries, a somber look at the Berlin Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial,  a street art workshop, a pub crawl, as well as a visit to the Berlin Wall.

One of the tour company’s most popular tours is the Original Berlin World War II Third Reich Tour where you’ll discover the scars left behind from the Second World War. Local history guides share stories and urban legends while passing by historical sights, buildings, memorials, and monuments surrounding Berlin from World War II.

During WWII, Berlin served as Germany’s Nazi stronghold for Hitler and the Third Reich. Guides take groups to see the battlefields left behind from the Battle of Berlin. Guests can observe historical sights of the city while walking at a leisurely pace listening to guides retell tales from this turbulent period in world history. Local guides bring history to life, recalling tales from the past about famous events, people, music, and architecture.

Another one of the Original Europe Tours’ most popular options is the Craft Beer Tour which uncovers the history of beer with an emphasis on Berlin’s brewing culture. This tour takes guests to three different pubs and one brewery handpicked by local guides. Germany has a reputation for brewing some of the world’s best beers, and visitors get the chance to taste regional Berlin and German beer. The tour’s social atmosphere makes this a perfect choice for solo travelers or tourists looking to mingle.

This small company offers tours in some of Europe’s most popular destinations, covering everything from hidden gems to main attractions throughout Berlin, Amsterdam, Prague, Budapest, and Barcelona. Guests can enjoy free and paid tours while exploring Europe’s street art, history, and beyond.


Alternative Berlin Tours

Come explore the wonders of Berlin from a new perspective. From free tours to food tours, from art tours to night tours, Alternative Berlin Tours offer a bit of everything. These walking tours are educational, informational and lots and lots of fun. Check out world-famous graffiti and the secret sights of this historical city or discover the cultural epicenter of punk and electronic music or where the reggae and rock history is hiding.

Alternative Berlin Tours offers a handful of great tours:

  • Alternative Berlin Tour – the original free tour that allows you to see Berlin as a local does. Visit everything from skateparks to multicultural neighborhoods and iconic landmarks.
  • Alternative Nightlife Tour – visit some of Berlin’s top nightclubs and bars. Known for its amazing nightlife, from the Absinthe bar to historically significant clubs, this is a tour not to be missed.
  • Street Art Workshop – see some of the world’s most famous graffiti and even make some art of your own. See the sights of Berlin through an artist’s eyes with this unique tour.
  • Street Art Tour – for those who want to explore the city’s street art but without the hands-on experience. Discover incredible art that you never knew existed right here.
  • Real Berlin Experience – discover how Berlin balances trends and traditions. This cultural tour takes you through the backstreets of the city to explore underground galleries and hidden markets.
  • Craft Beer and German Beer Tour – start in the brewing district and get to the root of this delicious beverage. Learn about German beer, it’s history and how it tastes – that’s right, samples included)
  • Green City Tour – this unique tour takes you from organic supermarkets to local bee farms as you visit the green businesses and sites of the city.

All tours are walking tours and open to the public, though some have age restrictions. For a more personalized experience, you can book a private tour for individuals, groups or even students. Berlin’s rich history is multi-faceted and exploring it from different perspectives and with a local guide is a great way to get a deeper understanding of this city’s past.

Alternative Berlin Tours take place almost every day of the year and have been recommended by guidebooks, travel magazines, and world-renowned publications since their inception in 2006. While other tours might take you to visit the wall and the site of Hitler’s bunkers and Charlie’s Checkpoint, these tours will show you the things you didn’t read about in a guidebook. Explore the fascinating alternative Berlin with one of these eye-opening, educational tours.