Nora Kaplan Sephardic Tour

Come and experience the history of Jews in Spain: explore museums and world heritage sites, walk through the old cobbled lanes of Jewish neighborhoods, take in the splendid architecture and eat delicious food, drink Spanish wine while learning about the Golden Age of the Jews of Sepharad on this unique family run, multi-day Jewish Heritage Tour to Spain.

9-Day Jewish Poland Heritage Tour

Experience a unique and incredible journey through Poland spanning 1000 years of Polish Jewish history and culminating with the reawakening of Jewish life in Poland today. Prior to WWII, Poland was home to the largest and most vibrant Jewish community in Europe. It was referred to as the epicenter of Jewish learning and culture for hundreds of years. More than sixty years after the Holocaust, Poland is once again home to a Jewish community proud of its heritage and culture. Join us as we explore the past, encounter the present and look ahead to the future!