Jewish Seville: La Judería

Discover with us the most beautiful corners and the most illustrious characters of what was the most extensive Jewish quarter of the Iberian Peninsula.
The Jewish Quarter of Seville is the ultimate place to retrace the footprints of Jewish history in Spain. A neighborhood of singular beauty described by the great romantic travelers of the 19th century. A place to discover the fascinating history of the Jews in the capital of Andalusia.
This visit can be combined with a visit to the Real Alcazar, the oldest royal palace in use in Europe. In the Royal Palace of Seville, Jewish intellectuals, musicians and poets played an important role both in the court of the Muslim king Al-Mutamid and in the court of the Christian kings Fernando III and Alfonso X.
Discover with us the heart of Jewish Andalusia and the fascinating story of the Royal Jews of Seville.

Jewish Cordoba: The City of Maimonides

The Jewish quarter of Córdoba is one of the best preserved medieval Jewish quarters in all of Europe. Home of great thinkers and unsurpassed beauty, its streets and houses keep secrets that fascinate both locals and visitors. In it we can visit the only medieval synagogue preserved until today in Andalusia. Discover with us the fascinating history of this neighborhood, declared a world heritage by the UNESCO, as well as the life and work of its most famous inhabitants such as the great thinker Maimonides.

Jewish Ghetto and Navona Food Wine and Sightseeing Tour of Rome

Immerse yourself in the flavors of the ‘Eternal City’ on a half-day tour through Rome’s iconic foods and wine. Visit a series of local restaurants in Campo Marzio and the Jewish Ghetto for tastings that range from fish and meat to pizza, pasta, and desserts served alongside Italian wines. Take in the city’s historic sites as you go, with time to explore classic piazzas, ancient Roman sites, temples, and a synagogue. Finish your tour with inside tips on the best places to eat, drink and explore in Rome. Foodie and sightseeing tour of two Roman neighborhoods Sample local foods and wine Explore the city with an experienced guide Visit historic sites along the way Upgrade to a private tour for a more personalized experience

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Jewish Ghetto & Trastevere Food Tour

Join in on a foodie stroll like no other through Trastevere – the trendiest neighborhood in Rome. Sink your teeth into scrumptious food delights ranging from gooey suppli to mouthwatering Trapizzini. Handheld and ready for the road ahead, match these tasty treats with the perfect local wines for a winning combination of taste and culture.

Traverse Trastevere’s winding cobblestone streets and roam Rome’s old fisherman neighborhood with an empty stomach and a hunger for adventure. Embrace the unconventional atmosphere across the Tiber, where locals and travelers alike join together in a bohemian rhapsody of both food and style.

Nora Kaplan Sephardic Tour

Come and experience the history of Jews in Spain: explore museums and world heritage sites, walk through the old cobbled lanes of Jewish neighborhoods, take in the splendid architecture and eat delicious food, drink Spanish wine while learning about the Golden Age of the Jews of Sepharad on this unique family run, multi-day Jewish Heritage Tour to Spain.

Alleppey Backwater Tour

Travel to the Kerala Backwaters and enjoy a House boat ride around the Canals of Kerala. The Backwaters are some of the most peaceful places we know on the planet, lunch on the house boat. Return to Cochin.

5 Senses Tour Through Mystical Tzfat

Our 5 senses tour is a full on experience that takes you through the mystical, ancient part of Tzfat, to be seen, felt , heard , touched, and tasted. We will experience Tzfat like never before. We will visit the ancients sites, we will hear the beautiful prayers, we will touch the ancient ruins, and we will taste the local delicacies. This is a unique tour given by a local, who has lived in Tzfat for 12 years and who made aliyah from Los Angeles, and the experience will be verstaile and informative, yet fun and interactive.

Safed Old City Tours

Safed Old City – the capital of the Upper Galilee, a city full of charm and inspiration that lies between the mountains of the Upper Galilee. The magical alleyways of Safed have been preserved from ancient times, bearing ancient secrets and legends that were told over the years and became an integral part of the Safed tradition.

The spiritual capital of the Galilee, an captivating and mystical city. The perfect way to experience the north of Israel. During the tour we will visit unique places in the city that have historical significance, view the breathtaking scenery of the Galilee Mountains, hear stories about figures from the ancient world, visit the galleries alley in its picturesque lanes and be inspired by the local art.

Jewish Buenos Aires Walking Tour

Come explore the history of the Jewish people in Argentina, from its colonial times to modernity. As we navigate the history of a 200,000+ collective, we’ll explore the neighborhoods of Once, Tribunales and Retiro.

We’ll go beyond tradition as we explore how politics and the broad history of Argentina shaped and made it’s Jewish population into what it is today.

We’ll see AMIA, known as “the mother institution” of Jewish life in Argentina, targeted by a terrorist attack in the 90s.

Later, we’ll visit the Jewish Museum and Libertad Synagogue. Here we’ll talk the “cryptojews” who escaped the European Inquisition by coming to Latin America, and how the population became organized as waves of Jewish immigrants entered the country in the late 1800s.

You’ll hear about the Jewish Gauchos, the only American Pogrom, the communist heritage of the URRS Jews, the “disappeared” of the last Argentine dictatorship and the challenges faced today by our community.

Jewish Buenos Aires and North of the city highlights

Come explore the history of the Jewish people in Argentina, from its colonial times to modernity. As we navigate the history, traditions and landmarks of South America’s largest community, we’ll explore the neighborhoods of Once, Tribunales, Retiro, Recoleta and the colonial city center of Plaza de Mayo.

We’ll go beyond tradition as we explore how politics and the broad history of Argentina shaped the Argentine Jewish Identity.

Discover the Argentine Jewish identity as you learn about:
-The origins and development of the Argentine Jewish Community.
-The iconic Jewish Gauchos of the countryside.
-The 1919 BA pogrom and the rise of antisemitism in Argentina.
-WW2 in Argentina: Peronism, Nazis, Allies, the hunt for Eichmann.
-The Disappeared Jews of the 1976 military dictatorship.
-The 90’s terrorist attacks and aftermath.
-Current events and challenges faced by our community.