Moshe Ve’Benav Nuts & seeds

Moshe opened his convenience store in the sixties, and since then, the place has evolved and expanded. Now, behind the storefront sits a small factory where you will find Moshe himself roasting fresh nuts. In addition to nuts, one can find a large variety of the sweetest dried fruits. This is a favourite store among the locals so if you are looking for something tasty to snack on Moshe Ve’Benav Nuts & Seeds is just the place for you.

Pereg Spices

It all started in 1906 with the Freij family, who fell in love with the culinary world. They particularly took a liking to exotic spices.The family began importing specialty ingredients from around the world already in their first few years of business. After arriving to Israel, the family changed their name to Pereg, meaning ‘poppy seed’, which became their famous brand name. Their shop on Levinsky street grew and prospered as the demand for these products in the market escalated. Nowadays at Tavlinei Pereg, customers can find just about any spice they are looking for, in just about any form!


For two decades, the Gueta family’s Libyan restaurant has stood the test of time. Each member of the family contributes to the menu, but everyone knows that no one can beat Grandmother’s couscous. The choice of dishes varies daily, according to the ingredients found in the market and by the direction the wind is blowing. No wonderful meal is complete without dessert though, so top off your meal with some semolina cake, accompanied by sweet tea and roasted peanuts.

Hummus Ashkara

Making hummus with love is no cliche- couple Ruth and Dan Tavor have prepared hummus with love for the past 25 years. This hummus joint is frequented by regular customers, who enjoy the light and relaxing atmosphere which contrasts with the intense Tel Aviv vibe outside. The hummus is hot and thick, served with cooked chickpeas and a hard-boiled egg. Ashkara is open all day and night, ready to satisfy your hummus cravings at any hour!

California Market

California Market is one of the oldest places in the market. When the brothers were in their 40’s, they began selling a variety of nuts, snacks, and dried fruits. Since then, the market boasts about the many types of unique dried fruits available there, like banana, mango and papaya. The roasting is done on site, by hand, by only the most experienced in this art.

Sabich Tchernikovsky

Sabich Tchernikovsky is legendary for its famous dish, and all thanks to epic founder Efi, who invented a new approach to making sabich. Even today, this restaurant works solely according to Efi’s values including tender pita bread, and a precise arrangement of the layers of this classic sandwich. The key is that each bite will include every ingredient. Be sure not to turn down the famous, tangy amba sauce, unless you are prepared to receive strange looks from other patrons!


The acclaimed Eric Rosenthal was nicknamed ‘The Magician’, being one of the top wizards of falafel in the land of Israel. Ha’Kosem set the hummus and falafel standards for the competition throughout Tel Aviv, from the level of cleanliness, to the meticulous service. The famous falafel bursts with fresh coriander, which enhances the flavors of this traditional dish. The hummus is homemade, and the pita bread is gourmet. Over the years, Rosenthal’s popular restaurant has made quite a name for itself, as everyone knows that ‘The Magician’ prepares the finest Israeli food, served in an exceptional manner. From shawarma, to sabich, to shakshuka, Ha’Kosem successfully fills the stomachs of hundreds of hungry diners every day!

Ha’agas 1

The restaurant Ha’Agas 1 is as magical as the song written about it by Ehud Banai, whose family formerly lived there. Aside from the romantic atmosphere, it is believed that there may be a secret ingredient making their organic food so delicious. The menu is comprised of healthy vegan and vegetarian dishes, including the highly recommended hummus, which is served with whole wheat pita.

Elements Cafe

Tired of falafel & shwarma? Come to Elements Cafe and eat delicious food and feel great and healthy! 100% Gluten-Free & Vegetarian. We cater to people special food needs. We are 100% Gluten free. We sell amazing Vegan Pizzas! All the food is made fresh and daily. Smoothies, Vegan Ice-cream, Raw gourmet food and desserts.

Tanti Baci

A tiny, family-run Italian restaurant full of heart and soul that resides near Kiryat Tiv’on. The restaurant is vegan
Italian food that is all handmade and with a clear intention to make people happy. At ‘Tanti Bachi’ you will find excellent Italian pizzas made by hand,
handmade pastas imported from Italy, and a variety of real Italian dishes based on raw ingredients.
Come and enjoy delicious and addictive food!

Open on holidays and weekends