Tastefully selected combination of natural materials and fabrics, the aroma of fresh pastries, the concept of an open kitchen – a pledge that your evening with us will pass according to your preferences.


Amongst the oldest Persian restaurants in the Israeli food market is Salimi. It started out on Matalon Street and migrated to Nachalat Binyamin, with the goal of staying near the market, to ensure that only the freshest products would be used in their kitchen. With such tasty ingredients straight from the market, Salimi is successful in procuring colorful and flavorful Persian dishes. Salimi is a restaurant for the professionals, with no advertising to the public necessary- they simply make the best gondi in town (a chickpea and chicken dumpling dish, often considered the Iranian matzoh ball). The gourmet sabzi soup (an herb-based stew), and a myriad of grilled food is all it takes to lure in clientele. Other than the wonderful food, Salimi has a warm and cozy atmosphere.


Yaffo has always been the province of the Bulgarians in Israel. Every day, the legendary restaurant Monka opens, right in the middle of this vibrant and lively city. Yechiel, the owner, offers Balkan food such as excellent spicy meatballs, moussaka (a minced meat dish, similar to casserole), and kubbeh soup. On Saturday mornings, the place is booming with many members of the Bulgarian community. For those seeking a real family atmosphere, spending the Sabbath at Monka guarantees great music and food!

Chanan Margilan

At Chanan Margilan, one will find most classic Bukharian dishes, such as steamed dushpera dumplings, chebureki meat pies, and all of the other deliciously comforting, simple, yet wonderful dishes which originated from what was once the Bukharian Emirate in Central Asia. We must not forget that a Bukharian kitchen is never complete without the special main courses, such as palov, with carmelized onions and savory meat. If one’s heart is seeking a unique culinary experience, allow Chanan’s family to serve you a warm and traditional meal!

Turk Lachmajun

Turk Lachmajun not only has one of the best shawarmas in Israel, but also a full Turkish menu! Hunger enducing smells engulf visitors the moment they walk in, which has been the case since this restaurant was established. On the menu, one can find a thin and perfected lachmajun pita, a selection of stuffed vegetables, and kebabs to die for. This restaurant is always packed with hungry diners who know where to find satisfaction!

Yom Tov Deli

In 1947, Yomtov Levy had already opened a delicatessen in Turkey. When he arrived in Tel Aviv in the sixties, he envisioned his deli opening once again. Yom Tov Deli proudly serves homemade marzipan, jam, and almond cookies. On the savory side, cheeses, salads, and pickled fish quench patron’s appetites. Shopping at Yom Tov always turns out a tad pricier than expected though, as it is too easy to succumb to delicious treats which weren’t on your intended shopping list!


The mythical meat restaurant whose name has been around for over 40 years is in the heart of the Mahane Yehuda market.
Sima immigrated from Iraq in the early 1950s, and has always “had it” in everything to do with cooking, business, and the joy of life. In 1969, Sima initiated the establishment of the Jerusalem restaurant on Agrippa Street in the Mahane Yehuda market, which proudly bore her name – Sima.
In the beginning, the restaurant was based on home cooking and satisfied the hunger of the market workers. Over the years, the name of the restaurant went before it when the flagship dish was and is – the Jerusalem mix and the dinner crowd expanded beyond the residents of the capital.

Rafael Butchery

At Rafael’s Butchery, Moshe makes his father Rafael proud by managing his shop to this day. This butchery is the secret behind many renowned Jerusalem chefs. It has been open for more than 37 years, providing fresh and kosher meat to four generations of customers! They sell lamb, beef, veal, and more. Rafael claims the secret behind a quality steak is good rhythm, and he must be right as he is considered an expert in his field on a national scale!

Hazot (Midnight) Steakhouse

Legend has it that Jerusalem mix was invented in 1970 within the walls of a Hazot restaurant. It all started when the place’s founder, Avraham Agami, discovered that he did not have enough charcoal to roast the meat. So he decided to roast the pieces of meat on an iron plate heated on the gas. Everything else is history.

The name of the kosher restaurant was given to it thanks to another concept that was considered pioneering at the time – entertainment from midnight to the small hours. Since then, the place has become a Jerusalem institution, specializing in grilled meats, home-made dishes and of course the legendary Jerusalem mix that gets its flavors from a secret spice blend. The menu at Midnight Restaurant includes quality meats that are roasted at a temperature of 150 degrees. The salads are fresh and based on the seasonal offer that the Mahane Yehuda market has to offer.

The long-standing tradition of the Midnight Restaurant in Jerusalem is continued by the second generation of the Agami family, who skillfully handle meats and feed diners with no summer love.