Lupo Fish Deli

For those who are fond of fish delicacies, Lupa Fish Deli is the place to visit. This traditional delicatessen is located inconspicuously on the corner of a side street. For decades, Lupo has conquered the realm of homemade fish, preparing botargo (a cured fish roe, typically from tuna), bonito (popularly eaten grilled, pickled, or backed), and soused herring (with a mild marinade). Whilst at Lupo, be sure to pick up some smoked salmon and okra salad as well!

Yom Tov Deli

In 1947, Yomtov Levy had already opened a delicatessen in Turkey. When he arrived in Tel Aviv in the sixties, he envisioned his deli opening once again. Yom Tov Deli proudly serves homemade marzipan, jam, and almond cookies. On the savory side, cheeses, salads, and pickled fish quench patron’s appetites. Shopping at Yom Tov always turns out a tad pricier than expected though, as it is too easy to succumb to delicious treats which weren’t on your intended shopping list!

Zimska luka / Winter Harbour (Hotel Osijek)

Zimska luka restaurant is located in the city centre, with the view onto the Drava river and beautiful green landscape on the opposite bank. It offers Slavonian traditional cuisine, popular dishes and exotic specialties, so it is a good choice for a business lunch, family gathering or a romantic dinner . The menu offers meat dishes, homemade pasta and fish specialties, including a delicious grilled perch.
Besides the high quality of food and service, the restaurant offers a very pleasant atmosphere.

Ariel Restaurant

The name “Ariel” originates from the Old Testament and is one of four archangels. The name can also be pronounced “Uriel” meaning “the Light of God”. Ariel is a restaurant, cafe, and gallery located in the center of the Kazimierz Jewish Quarter. This area of town is full of life with 5 synagogues nearby and lots of history. Inside the restaurant, there’s aย  dining room that seats 45 guests located on the first floor of the antique Jewish tenement-house from the 16th century. There is also a larger dining room for 80 guests on second-floor filled with hundreds of paintings and Klezmer Jewish music and seating areas in the basement and gallery room.