Haim Rafael

Amongst all of the famous delis in the Levinsky market, Haim Rafael is the largest and most well-known of all. The Rafael family personally cares for the needs of the deli, from supplies to preparations. However, it is not just the locals that take advantage of the wonderful place – many restaurants also purchase their secret ingredients from this magical shop.


Frary’s is a small, welcoming restaurant, frequently visited by both locals and tourists exploring the Chiesa dei Frari. This restaurant is extremely catering to those with allergies and food intolerances, with a varied menu that suites vegans and gluten free customers. You will find both Greek and ethnic Middle Eastern dishes including stuffed grape leaves, falafel, grilled meat, and baklava. The flavors are so rich, for a moment you might even believe that you are eating in the center of Israel or on a Greek island.