Paris Bistro

Baku’s coziest place imaginable located in the heart of the city within 2-minutes’ walk from the Old City, Baku Boulevard, the Fountain Square, and the best high-street fashion shopping areas of Baku.
Paris Bistro features a true Parisian design with its antique mirrors, exquisite furniture and fixtures.

Baku Café

Being comfortably situated in Port Baku Mall – the industrial center of the capital, BAKU Café is a combination of Organic vs.Industrial style new-fashioned interior and fully renewed menu, which is, by the way, also based on the fusion of two different cuisines – European cuisine meets Azerbaijani national dishes and none of them spoils the other.Uncommonly comfortable and incredibly delicious harmony – no other words can describe it better.

Museum Cafe

The Museum Cafe menu offers range of classic Dutch-Jewish specialities, such as fishcakes (made with fresh cod) or pear kugel (a hot dish of stewed pears and sweet almond pastry). But the menu also includes a delicious apple nut cake and bread rolls with tuna salad.

All the ingredients in the dishes on the menu have been prepared by our suppliers under rabbinical supervision or approved by the rabbinates of the Jewish Community of Amsterdam, the Portuguese-Jewish Community, and the Dutch-Jewish Community. The Museumcafé does not have a kashrut certificate. There is a separate glass case with meals sealed under rabbinical supervision for those who find this preferable. All the items sold at the Museumcafé are prepared on the dairy side of the kitchen, including the vegetarian (parve) kosher dishes. Please ask a member of staff if you would like any additional information. The Museumcafé also provides catering services.

Shmulik Cohen

Shmulik Cohen fits all the requirements of the of veteran Ashkenazi population. Juxtaposed with the older generation, who come for a taste of the past, are the young and hip folk, interested in tasting ethnic foods. At Shmulik’s, each meal begins with Polish classics, such as pickles, chopped liver and egg salad. This restaurant offers a wide range of Polish delicacies like chicken soup, homemade matzah balls, and cholent. Shmulik and his team often warm-up the atmosphere, and walk around with a bottle of homemade vodka, pampering the patrons with a few glasses, ensuring you leave with a smile!


Yaffo has always been the province of the Bulgarians in Israel. Every day, the legendary restaurant Monka opens, right in the middle of this vibrant and lively city. Yechiel, the owner, offers Balkan food such as excellent spicy meatballs, moussaka (a minced meat dish, similar to casserole), and kubbeh soup. On Saturday mornings, the place is booming with many members of the Bulgarian community. For those seeking a real family atmosphere, spending the Sabbath at Monka guarantees great music and food!


An Italian/Moldovian/Israeli reastaurant in Arad near the dead sea serving Pizza, Calzone & Foccacia baked in a real hand made Italian brick oven
with fresh salads, sandwitches and homemade desserts.