Museum Cafe

The Museum Cafe menu offers range of classic Dutch-Jewish specialities, such as fishcakes (made with fresh cod) or pear kugel (a hot dish of stewed pears and sweet almond pastry). But the menu also includes a delicious apple nut cake and bread rolls with tuna salad.

All the ingredients in the dishes on the menu have been prepared by our suppliers under rabbinical supervision or approved by the rabbinates of the Jewish Community of Amsterdam, the Portuguese-Jewish Community, and the Dutch-Jewish Community. The Museumcafé does not have a kashrut certificate. There is a separate glass case with meals sealed under rabbinical supervision for those who find this preferable. All the items sold at the Museumcafé are prepared on the dairy side of the kitchen, including the vegetarian (parve) kosher dishes. Please ask a member of staff if you would like any additional information. The Museumcafé also provides catering services.

Kohn’s Kosher Deli

Kohn’s is the only restaurant and deli in St. Louis that can meet all of your kosher needs. Offering a kosher butcher shop, deli, bakery, grocery store, and catering options, we’re certain that we’ll be your only stop for kosher needs.

If you’re in the Creve Coeur area, stop in and try our famous Killer Pastrami Sandwich while you shop for your groceries. If you’re not in St. Louis, no problem! We have an online meat store where you can order kosher meat online and have it sent straight to your door!

Kohn’s Kosher Deli is known for the Killer Pastrami Sandwich. It’s so good that Sauce magazine says,“this is about as perfect as a sandwich can be, and a welcome reminder that the simplest things are often the most satisfying.”. Aside from our pastrami, we serve a number of other sandwiches and lunch options in our Creve Coeur location. In our kosher deli, you can find hot dogs, salads, wraps, and incredible side dishes. If you’re hungry visit our Restaurant Menu for more details.

Quality kosher meat is very important to us. Our butchers can meet your requests for the cut you want and recommend various styles based on your needs. All the meat we prepare is locally sourced from farmers. We offer a wide variety of meats like chicken, turkey, beef, veal, bison, and more. Visit our Butcher page to learn more about what we offer.


Amongst the oldest Persian restaurants in the Israeli food market is Salimi. It started out on Matalon Street and migrated to Nachalat Binyamin, with the goal of staying near the market, to ensure that only the freshest products would be used in their kitchen. With such tasty ingredients straight from the market, Salimi is successful in procuring colorful and flavorful Persian dishes. Salimi is a restaurant for the professionals, with no advertising to the public necessary- they simply make the best gondi in town (a chickpea and chicken dumpling dish, often considered the Iranian matzoh ball). The gourmet sabzi soup (an herb-based stew), and a myriad of grilled food is all it takes to lure in clientele. Other than the wonderful food, Salimi has a warm and cozy atmosphere.


For two decades, the Gueta family’s Libyan restaurant has stood the test of time. Each member of the family contributes to the menu, but everyone knows that no one can beat Grandmother’s couscous. The choice of dishes varies daily, according to the ingredients found in the market and by the direction the wind is blowing. No wonderful meal is complete without dessert though, so top off your meal with some semolina cake, accompanied by sweet tea and roasted peanuts.

Hummus Ashkara

Making hummus with love is no cliche- couple Ruth and Dan Tavor have prepared hummus with love for the past 25 years. This hummus joint is frequented by regular customers, who enjoy the light and relaxing atmosphere which contrasts with the intense Tel Aviv vibe outside. The hummus is hot and thick, served with cooked chickpeas and a hard-boiled egg. Ashkara is open all day and night, ready to satisfy your hummus cravings at any hour!

Chanan Margilan

At Chanan Margilan, one will find most classic Bukharian dishes, such as steamed dushpera dumplings, chebureki meat pies, and all of the other deliciously comforting, simple, yet wonderful dishes which originated from what was once the Bukharian Emirate in Central Asia. We must not forget that a Bukharian kitchen is never complete without the special main courses, such as palov, with carmelized onions and savory meat. If one’s heart is seeking a unique culinary experience, allow Chanan’s family to serve you a warm and traditional meal!

Ochlim B’Shuk

11 years ago, Naomi and Aharon opened Ochlim B’Shuk in the center of the Jerusalem market, Machne Yehuda, where around the clock there are pots steaming on kerosene burners. Everyday, there are at least thirty different pots brewing on the stovetop at this local hotspot, and upon opening each pot, one will be introduced to a different world of the explosive flavors of Syrian and Persian food.

Tahini’s Hummus

The Tahini hummus family was born in Sderot, in 2010, out of a need we identified in our areas in the south, in the Gaza Envelope – an area where we were born and lived all our lives. The need was for a pleasant and homey meeting place, where you can by chance (or not by chance …) encounter a familiar face, eat a delicious, nutritious meal and at a fair price. We are encouraged to do it a little differently, with the understanding that the place is the people within it and the experience we will give is created in every meeting we have with you – as guests in our home.

The restaurant in Sderot was a great start but after two years of investment, growth and success we expanded the store and now have locations in Beersheba, the capital of the Negev, as well as Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

We offer popular, comforting, fresh and pampering food for all and have many vegan-friendly dishes as well. On the menu is a variety of hummus dishes with toppings, crispy fries, green falafel and perfect  vegetable salad chopped fresh each day. Everything is made fresh every day in our kitchen with lots of love. Of course, our desserts are also homemade, the beer is excellent and there is also arak!

Halva Kingdom

To believe that chalva is simply chalva would be a monumental understatement. Until one visits The Chalva Kingdom, you really do not know what good chalva is. From organic to whole grain sesame to pistachio the options are endless. Behind the mountains of sweets, one can catch a glimpse of the famous chalva king, taking pride in his confections.


Georgian cuisine has always been a colorful display of the culture’s love for entertaining and treating guests with utmost hospitality. A classic Georgian delight, khachapuri, is a dish based on the words ‘khacha’ meaning ‘cheese’, and ‘puri’, which translates to ‘dough’. At Chachaporia, one can sample the underrated classic dish, or the adjaruli style, which takes things to a new level! This open-boat-shaped pastry is a fantastically substantial meal, topped with a sunny-side up fried egg. The owner Tango, offers customers a vivid and lively experience, dashed with a hint of Jerusalem magic. Don’t hesitate to drop in, even if just to try the dish which has taken Israel by storm!