Kohn’s Kosher Deli

Kohn’s is the only restaurant and deli in St. Louis that can meet all of your kosher needs. Offering a kosher butcher shop, deli, bakery, grocery store, and catering options, we’re certain that we’ll be your only stop for kosher needs.

If you’re in the Creve Coeur area, stop in and try our famous Killer Pastrami Sandwich while you shop for your groceries. If you’re not in St. Louis, no problem! We have an online meat store where you can order kosher meat online and have it sent straight to your door!

Kohn’s Kosher Deli is known for the Killer Pastrami Sandwich. It’s so good that Sauce magazine says,“this is about as perfect as a sandwich can be, and a welcome reminder that the simplest things are often the most satisfying.”. Aside from our pastrami, we serve a number of other sandwiches and lunch options in our Creve Coeur location. In our kosher deli, you can find hot dogs, salads, wraps, and incredible side dishes. If you’re hungry visit our Restaurant Menu for more details.

Quality kosher meat is very important to us. Our butchers can meet your requests for the cut you want and recommend various styles based on your needs. All the meat we prepare is locally sourced from farmers. We offer a wide variety of meats like chicken, turkey, beef, veal, bison, and more. Visit our Butcher page to learn more about what we offer.

Cafe B’Shuk

Cafe B’Shuk has a very interesting history. Once called Cafe Stern, it was a coffee shop that served the clientele of the market for many years. Ya’akov and his brother specially selected and ground the beans to create aromatic, unique blends of quality coffee. In 2011, Shiri Katzev, from Cafe Alkalai (located in North Tel Aviv), paid a visit to Cafe Stern, and fell in love with Ya’akov’s coffee. It was decided that she would take over the shop, so long as she preserved his special blend, which is freshly roasted every day!


In 1922, Avi Puni, born from a Polish family, immigrated to Israel and opened the first cake shop in Yaffo. After a few years, the family moved to the city center and moved the confectionary with them. This bakery specializes in Bulgarian style baking, including a wide range of bourekas made from ancient Puni family recipes. Today, if you ask nicely, you may get the special opportunity to see the original recipe book, which was written by founders Avraham and Moshe!

Lechamin Bakery

Lechamin Bakery is a substantial patch of the fabric which makes up the intricate quilt that is the Carmel Market. Every weekday, the bakery’s diligent employees start the day by preparing exemplary pastries using the recipes devised by Uri Shofet. On the shelf, one will find a fantastic assortment of bread, such as whole wheat, rye, and sourdough. Of course, there is no shortage of freshly baked cookies and sweets either!

Bourekas Penso

When one mentions Levinsky Market, instantaneously, the name Bourekas Penso comes to mind. Since 1965, Penso has sold homemade Turkish bourekas, large and authentic, prepared on site, from the kneading of the dough through serving them hot from the oven. Cheese, spinach, and kashkaval (Italian sheep’s milk cheese) are among some of the popular choices. There are delicious add-ons available, including hard-boiled eggs. Patrons often leave with a loaf of freshly baked bread as well, and wash it all down with an ayran, a satisfying, Turkish yogurt drink.

Delicatessen 79/81

Delicatessen is a deli located in central Tel Aviv known for its baked-goods, salads, sandwiches and on-the-go foods. Not only is the food great, but the atmosphere and outdoor seating make it great for dining in for breakfast or lunch. This restaurant uses low-heat in their cooking to create a variety of options and flavors, and uses the most high-quality products to prepared foods fresh each day. About 9 years ago, Delicatessen expanded their restaurants and bakeries to make it convenient for consumers to stop by and grab a bouquet of flowers, desserts, deli foods, cheeses, breads, and a bottle of wine. The owner of Delicatessens is well-known throughout Israel and has several other successful establishments throughout the country that always receive high praise for their quality of food and service.

Florence Kahn Bakery and Delicatessen

Florence Kahn Bakery and Delicatessen is a Jewish-style bakery and pastry shop in the heart of the Marais. The stunning blue mosaic that covers the shop’s exterior is likely to grab your attention and pull you into the shop, even if you are just passing by. The mosaic was created by a master artisan in 1932 and is considered a historical monument of Paris. The same artisan also decorated several other shops in the Marais, so be sure to keep your eyes open when exploring the area. One in particular is the former horse butcher’s shop which you can find near Florence Kahn’s on the corner of Rue Vieille du Temple and Rue du Roi de Sicile.
If you go on a nice day, you will be able to enjoy your Yiddish pastry or homemade chicken soup in the fresh air at a table set out on the terrace.  But don’t be disappointed if you don’t come on a sunny day, because the inside is just as relaxing and gives off the fabulous aroma of fresh baked goods. Some of their most popular menu items include their corn beef sandwich, pastrami, apple strudel, yogurt cake, challah, and cheesecake, but you really can’t go wrong. If you love traditional Jewish food prepared fresh just the way your grandmother would make it, this shop is for you.

Panificio Volpe Giovanni

Nestled in the streets of the Jewish Ghetto is Panificio Volpe Giovanni, a kosher bakery offering traditional Venetian pastries such as fruit-filled Orecchiette di Amman, Bisce, donut shaped Zuccherini, and Sweet Azime. The bakery shuts its doors on Saturday’s so make sure to head there Monday to Friday to fill your sweet-tooth cravings. 

Mama Coffee

There are seven Mama Coffee cafes in Prague, making it one of the city’s finest coffeehouse chains with quality service and products. The coffee beans they use come from a fair trade practice and are processed in a local European roastery, ensuring the freshest coffee for their customers.  Mama Coffee is a perfect place to stop for a warm cup of coffee and one of their several delicious pastries that are baked fresh daily.

In 2011, Mama Coffee initiated the Prague Coffee Festival which today remains the largest coffee based event in Eastern Europe. This is a perfect place to stop by and relax after a long day exploring the city or even in the morning to sit and enjoy your first cup of coffee.