Yosef Hummus

Mediterranean Ethnic Israeli Middle Eastern

Yosef Hummus was born in Pardes Hanna as a tiny hummus shop at the entrance to Yosef’s family’s spice store; it had just three tables but lots of love! About a decade ago, the hummus restaurant moved to the new location where it is to this day. Our chickpeas are served hot and ground fresh in front of customers, served with a variety of toppings, special salads, and original home-made dishes born from crowd requests. Yosef’s menu also has vegans and gluten-free options.

Cooking has always been Yosef’s greatest pleasure, but his greatest love was making hummus. Cooking and entertaining accompanied him all his life and even as a young child, at his parents’ house, the door was always open to anyone who just wanted to come. In the kitchen, which was everyone’s meeting place, the smells were amazing, as special dishes were always prepared, and around the small table, friends and guests gathered daily, enjoying every bite and the special atmosphere.

After the army Yosef studied engineering, industry and management at the Ruppin Academic Center. He financed his studies from his job as a cook, but upon graduation he quit his job in the kitchen and began working as an employee in the sales field for several years. One day, when he returned from a routine visit to one of his clients, Yosef had a not-so-simple car accident, which sidelined him for six months. Yoseph fought and went through a long rehabilitation process, and at the end he felt it was time to do what he really loved. So he decided to leave the sales field and return to work as a full-time cook. Soon, thanks to the perseverance, determination and managerial authority he demonstrated, Yosef progressed to the managerial role as chef of several restaurants in Caesarea, while enriching his knowledge and culinary experience. After a few years a number of investors, who were very attached to Yosef’s tastes and creativity, approached him with an offer to open restaurants overseas.

After a short time abroad, Yosef returned to Israel, as the option to move with his family overseas was not possible. Therefore, upon his return, Yosef decided to take the opportunity and embark on an independent journey. He opened a small hummus shop in front of his family’s spice shop in Pardes Hanna. The concept of the little hummus spot was that all the food is made in front of the customer’s eyes, meaning what you see is what you eat, and the food is served hot and fresh. The rumor about the delicious chickpeas and homemade dishes spread by word of mouth, and many people, even from far areas, flocked to the place. With the success, came a demand to open more branches and additional shops were opened in cities such as Caesarea, Ramat Aviv, Givatayim, and Holon.