White City Tour

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The ultimate Tel Aviv encounter through the lens of Art, Architecture and food

Get to know Tel Aviv’s History through the perspective of its UNESCO protected architecture, diverse food culture and Street Art. The tour will take us into the heart of the city, the Carmel market , the oldest neighbourhood of Tel Aviv, the American colony and the up-and-coming Florentine. The guide will share his knowledge, personal stories and anecdotes and bring his experience both as professional artist and chef. The following is some of the content that I cover in my tours:

Cultural diversity and influences on local cuisine/ Is there such a thing as Israeli food?/ Hummus – a love story from the bible / Ashkenazi vs Sephardic/ Kosher law

What is Tel- Aviv without Jaffa / From sand dunes to city / Eclectic style, Bauhaus, brutalism, contemporary/ Le corbusier’s five points of architecture / Garden city / White city, city of
balconies, city of kiosks / Yehuda Magidowitch / Zeev rechter/ Arpad Gut / Joseph Berlin Rothchild/ nahmani / ehad haam/ maze/ Allenby / neve zedek

Florentine history  – bourgeoisie to urban decay to hipster to posh/ Gentrification – the good the bad and the ugly / Techniques of street art – stencil, free hand, paste up / Street art vs Graffiti / Graffiti lingo- tag , bomb, masterpiece, etc.

Approaches and subject matter – political, site specific work, protest base, decorative

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