Toronto Jewish Film Festival

9th June 2022 - 26th June 2022
Film & Book Festivals

The Toronto Jewish Film Festival (TJFF) made its debut in 1993 under Artistic Director, Helen Zukerman. The TJFF proved to be a creative and exciting way to introduce people in the city and surrounding areas to Jewish culture, and explain how it fits within the city of Toronto. The foundation set out to be a showcase of the diversity in Jewish life and cultural experiences around the world. The TJFF’s has expanded its use of venues in an attempt to be as inclusive and inviting as possible, and to appeal to a broader demographic. An additional goal of the foundation is to expose the non-Jewish community to the multiculturalism and diversity of Jewish life globally. The TJFF plans strategies to overcome the barriers to attendance amongst the non-Jewish population and the younger secular Jewish population, allowing them to feel connected and comfortable in the unique festival and year-round screening environments.