TISH Jewish Food Festival

30th September 2020 - 7th October 2020

The TISH Jewish Food Festival is an annual food festival held both in-person and online for people in Poland and around the world. The festival that began in 2019 as a place for famous chefs and renowned culinary experts from the United States, Poland and Israel to join in debates on Jewish food, educate on the history of Jewish dishes, and also to teach attendees how to prepare these foods. TISH Jewish Food Festival provides an opportunity to build a community, despite physical distance, and to use food as a way to bring Jewish foodies around the world together. The festival connects Polish and Jewish cuisines andseeks to understand they way they inspire each other. Activities include cooking demonstrations, stories, embroidering, and culinary walks through Warsaw where languages, flavors and fragrances intertwine. Festival guests will discover dishes from pre-war Yiddish cookbooks and gain a new prespective into the Jewish and Polish culinary experience.