The Synagogue de la Paix


The construction of the Great Synagogue of Peace was inaugurated on March 23, 1958. It has about 1,700 seats. This building, the seat of the Chief Rabbinate, simultaneously includes several places of worship: the “Mercaz” youth oratory, and the Leo Cohn synagogue of the Sefarad rite, a Gan Chalom kindergarten, a Yehuda Halevy elementary school, administrative and social premises, a large library, as well as the premises of the Community Center and of the Jewish radio station “Radio Judaïca” (102.9 MHz in FM).
The modernism of the building is reflected in the materials and the masterplan of the building. Traditional symbols of Judaism can be found in the building, such as: the vast vault is supported by twelve columns evoking the twelve tribes of Israel: the first two frame the exterior portal, and the ten located inside recall the Ten Commandments. The main front consists of a continuous network of stars of David, a monumental work of ironwork, at the base of which begin the metal portal, whose leaves are decorated with the emblems of the twelve tribes of Israel.
Inside, the nave can be split in half by a large wooden wall and form a conference room of 400 seats: it is the Hirschler room in memory of the great rabbi of the Lower Rhine, who died in deportation. The Holy Ark, located on the stage (“Al memor”) is a round sanctuary in wrought iron and above a large Star of David is placed horizontally on five thin columns. On the pediment is an inscription in Hebrew: “Do we not all have the same Father?” The curtain of the Holy Ark is a vast Aubusson tapestry cartoon by the famous tapestry artist, Jean Lurçat.
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