The 10 Best Natural Attractions in UAE

The United Arab Emirates is a country known for its vibrant
cities and luxurious lifestyle. However, the UAE also has a wealth of natural
attractions that are worth exploring. From the towering mountains to the
rolling sand dunes, the UAE has something for everyone.

Here I have made a list of the 10 best natural attractions in
the UAE that you are going to love, let’s start:

1. Hajar Mountains

The Hajar Mountains are a mountain range in the UAE that runs
along the eastern border of the country. The range is known for its rugged
terrain and stunning natural beauty. The highest peak in the range is Jebel
Jais, which stands at over 1,900 meters (6,200 feet) tall. The Hajar Mountains
offer plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities, such as hiking, rock
climbing, and mountain biking.

2. Dubai Miracle Garden

If you are a nature lover then this place is for you. The
Dubai Miracle Garden
is a botanical garden located in the Dubailand area of
Dubai. It is the world’s largest flower garden and is home to over 45 million
flowers, spread across 72,000 square meters. The garden features a range of
floral displays, including heart-shaped arches, a floral castle, and a giant
floral clock. The garden is a popular attraction for locals and tourists alike
and is open from November to May each year.

3. Al Wathba Wetland Reserve

The Al Wathba Wetland Reserve is a haven for migratory birds
and is home to a range of different species. The reserve features a boardwalk
that allows visitors to explore the wetlands and observe the birds in their
natural habitat.

4. Liwa Oasis

The Liwa Oasis is located in the Empty Quarter, the largest
continuous sand desert in the world. The oasis is a lush green paradise, surrounded
by towering sand dunes that are perfect for dune bashing and sandboarding.

5. Sir Bani Yas Island

Sir Bani Yas Island is a natural island located off the
coast of Abu Dhabi. The island is home to a range of different wildlife,
including cheetahs, hyenas, and giraffes. Visitors can take a safari tour to
explore the island’s wildlife and natural beauty.

6. Musandam Fjords

The Musandam Fjords are located on the northern tip of the
UAE, and they offer stunning views of the rugged coastline and turquoise waters.
Visitors can take a boat tour to explore the fjords and spot dolphins, turtles,
and other marine life.

7. Fujairah Beaches

Fujairah is the only emirate in the UAE that has a coastline
solely on the Gulf of Oman, making it a popular destination for beach lovers.
The emirate is home to a range of different beaches, each with its own unique
character. Some of the most popular beaches in Fujairah include Sandy Beach, Al
Aqah Beach, and Dibba Beach. Visitors can enjoy a range of water sports and
activities, such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and jet skiing, or simply relax
on the beach and soak up the sun.

8. Jebel Jais

Jebel Jais is the highest peak in the UAE, standing at over
1,900 meters (6,200 feet) tall. Located in the Hajar Mountains, the peak offers
stunning panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. Visitors can access the
peak via a scenic drive, which includes a series of hairpin bends and steep
gradients. At the top of the mountain, there are a range of attractions and
activities, including a viewing platform, a zip line, and a range of hiking and
cycling trails.

9. Wadi Wurayah National Park

The Wadi Wurayah National Park is located in Fujairah and is
home to a range of different wildlife, including the Arabian tahr and the
Arabian leopard. The park features hiking trails and waterfalls, making it a
popular spot for nature lovers.

10. Al Ain Oasis

The Al Ain Oasis is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home
to over 147,000 date palm trees. Visitors can explore the oasis on foot or by
bike and learn about the traditional methods of agriculture used in the region.

11. Al Hoota Cave

Al Hoota Cave is a limestone cave located in the Al Hajar
Mountains in Oman, near the border with the UAE. The cave system is over two
million years old and is home to a range of stalactites, stalagmites, and
underground lakes. Visitors can take a guided tour of the cave system, which
includes a train ride through the cave and a walk through the underground
chambers. The cave system is also home to a range of different wildlife,
including blind fish and bats.

In conclusion, the UAE is a country that is rich in natural
beauty and offers visitors a range of different experiences. From hiking in the
mountains to exploring the sandy deserts and pristine beaches, there is
something for everyone to enjoy. A visit to these natural attractions is a must
for anyone visiting the UAE.