Seharane Kurdish Holiday

14th April 2023 - 17th April 2023

Seharane is a 2000-year-old multi-day holiday, typically celebrated by Kurdish Jews following the last day of Passover. It commemorated the day that hametz could be brought to the temple as a first fruits offering and coincided with Mimouna, traditionally celebrated by North African Jews. The holiday was celebrated with food, drink, walks in nature, singing, and dancing.

The tradition was lost for some time during the 1950’s when the Jews were relocated to Israel , but has recently been revived. Because of the widespread and established Mimouna celebration in Israel, the Seharane celebration was moved to Chol HaMoed of Sukkot.

Before the relocation of Jews to Israel, Seharane was celebrated for 3 days following Passover. Foods and drinks typically enjoyed on this holiday include stuffed grape leaves, Dulama, Kubbah, lamb, meat, and Arak.

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