Hotel Sans Souci Wien

5 Stars
Hotel Sans Souci Wien is located in a prime location between the traditional 1st district and more modern 7th district. The neighborhood is filled with shopping centers, boutique shops, and historical sites that tell stories of the city's past and current status. Hotel Sans Souci Wien has a history of its own, as it was established in a historical building that was erected in 1872. Before the building became a hotel, it served as an inn called Hotel Holler. The Sans Souci Group got the building in 2010 and began careful renovations to preserve the unique character of the building while adding style and modernity.    Inside the hotel, you will find original artwork, individually designed rooms, a small event room, and a phenomenal bar and restaurant. Guests can also relax in the wellness oasis, which has two treatment rooms and three saunas, as well as work out in the fitness center and sports pool. The rooms give you a personal space for restful nights sleep and are designed to open all senses. Every part of the hotel has been carefully constructed to create a perfect getaway during your visit.