Raoul Wallenberg Day

5th October 2022

Raoul Wallenberg

On October 5th, 1981, Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who disappeared in January 1945 after saving the lives of tens of thousands of persecuted people during World War II, became the second person in history to be awarded Honorary U.S. Citizenship. Raoul Wallenberg Day is commemorated every year in the State of New York and following the IRWF’s initiative, has been proclaimed in many other U.S. states.

Raoul Wallenberg

Saving the lives of tens of thousands of Jews in Budapest

With the support of the World Jewish Congress and the American War Refugee Board, the Swedish Foreign Ministry sent Wallenberg to Budapest in July 1944 to help protect the 200,000 Jews who remained in the capital. From October 15, when the Arrow Cross seized power, to the liberation of the capital three months later, Wallenberg saved Jews through a variety of means—by issuing thousands of protective documents, by establishing the International Ghetto of protected houses, and by securing their release from deportation trains, death march convoys, and labor service brigades—all at significant risk to himself.

Raoul Wallenberg around the World

Canada: January 17th

Sweden: August 27th

Argentina: September 14th

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