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The Original Europe Tours Berlin hosts several tour options for visitors to experience the historical and cultural aspects of the city. The company hosts several tours including a look into Berlin’s World War II history, a tour of the city’s craft breweries, a somber look at the Berlin Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial,  a street art workshop, a pub crawl, as well as a visit to the Berlin Wall.

One of the tour company’s most popular tours is the Original Berlin World War II Third Reich Tour where you’ll discover the scars left behind from the Second World War. Local history guides share stories and urban legends while passing by historical sights, buildings, memorials, and monuments surrounding Berlin from World War II.

During WWII, Berlin served as Germany’s Nazi stronghold for Hitler and the Third Reich. Guides take groups to see the battlefields left behind from the Battle of Berlin. Guests can observe historical sights of the city while walking at a leisurely pace listening to guides retell tales from this turbulent period in world history. Local guides bring history to life, recalling tales from the past about famous events, people, music, and architecture.

Another one of the Original Europe Tours’ most popular options is the Craft Beer Tour which uncovers the history of beer with an emphasis on Berlin’s brewing culture. This tour takes guests to three different pubs and one brewery handpicked by local guides. Germany has a reputation for brewing some of the world’s best beers, and visitors get the chance to taste regional Berlin and German beer. The tour’s social atmosphere makes this a perfect choice for solo travelers or tourists looking to mingle.

This small company offers tours in some of Europe’s most popular destinations, covering everything from hidden gems to main attractions throughout Berlin, Amsterdam, Prague, Budapest, and Barcelona. Guests can enjoy free and paid tours while exploring Europe’s street art, history, and beyond.