Neveh Shalome Synagogue


Neveh Shalom Synagogue was the first synagogue ever to be built in Kolkata by the Baghdadi Jews. The synagogue was originally built in the year 1831 to meet the needs of growing Jewish population in Kolkata. Originally designed as simply a prayer hall, after about sixty years it was found to be too small and so was demolished. In it’s place came up the magnificent Magen David Synagogue, which is currently also one of Asia’s largest synagogue.

Though the Neveh Shalom Synagogue got replaced by another bigger synagogue, people were still nostalgic about it and in the year 1911 it was rebuilt right next to the Magen David Synagogue. Much simpler in design, the synagogue is more like a prayer hall and is literally a catalogue of Jews in the city. The population of Jews in the city is close to nil, so the synagogue is hardly ever used for prayers now, except on special occasion when Jews often come from Israel to offer prayers. It’s actually the funds from these patrons which keeps the place alive even today.