Nahoum and Sons


Nahoum & Sons is an Indian bakery shop situated in West Bengal. It is one of the oldest surviving shops in Kolkata owned by a Jewish family. The products of Nahoum & Sons at Christmas are a part of the culture of Kolkata. Various famous personalities of India have eaten this foods of this bakery.

Nahoum Israel Mordecai was a Baghdadi Jew who was the founder of the shop. It was founded 26 years after the establishment of New Market in the city. The Hog Market could be seen from the front of the shop. He changed the location of the shop 14 years after the establishment of the bakery. His son Elias took the responsibility of the shop from second generation. After his death in 1964 his son David Nahoum from third generation of the family took up the responsibility to manage the shop. His brothers Norman and Solomon had the responsibility of store at various times. After death of David in 2013, his brother Issac took the responsibility.