Mtserlebi Resort

4 Stars

On the east bank of the Likhi mountain range, above 750 meters from sea level, lies a magical village which will provide you with thousand reasons to unconditionally fall in love with it.

Surrounded by mountains, Kvishkheti stages a grand collision of Black Sea’s warm, humid air with Kavkasioni’s crystal cold breath. This contributes to the unique healing properties of the village climate. You can say that Kvishkheti, together with Borjomi-Kharagauli national park, represents Georgia’s set of lungs. Clear air and mineral waters form a magical environment, which is protected by an imposing sleeping a giant of a mountain – “Mtatsminda”.

Beautiful nature, dry synthesis of alpine and lowland climates, crystal-cold spring waters, oldest cultural monuments, mystical pathways, the legendary hospitality of Georgian people and colorful cuisine, are just a few of the neverending reasons for why people never wanted to ever leave this place. This was illustrated at the Bokhumi exhibition in 2001-2002, where you could find artifacts dating back to 3000 b.c.

There are several origin stories on the name “Kvishkheti”. Ivane Javakhishvili argued that it was linked to the sandy soil in the area; (Kvisha means sand in Georgian) But locals say that “Kvishkheti” is a metaphor for cold winters – “Kvis mkhetqi” – stone popper. (In extreme cold stones pop.) On the hill in the village, you can see a simple but awe-inducing 70s house, which belonged to the saint Dimitri Kipiani and his family. This is the place where the names “Kvishkheti” and “Mtserlebi” forever merged into one single entity.

Eventually, Kipiani residence was handed over to the Writers’ Union of Georgia and it was expanded with other buildings, such as cottages, eating hall, writes’ quarters, etc. From this day on, till the end of the 1990s, many Georgian writers took refuge in here, trying to get away from Soviet censorship and exhausting stress of city life. Kvishkheti became “a small place of freedom”, a portal to a completely different world, where you could be free of your troubles and concerns. Split-second you arrived here, tranquility and warmth would fill your soul.