Memorial of Mrs. Mária Kárász

Jewish Grave
Among the most important tombs of the cemetery, we find the Szivessy family memorial. The family was an outstanding patron of arts and culture, having several outstanding members, such as Mária. Mrs. Mária Kárász was a leading socialite and rests beside her daughter, Judit Kárász. Memorial location: Parcel 12, line 2, grave 1
Mária Szivessy (Szeged, 1886 – Bergen-Belsen, 1945) and her three brothers Endre,Tibor and Lehel were the well-read and educated lawyer Laszlo Szivessy’s children. Mária grew up in such a family atmosphere. Her best friend was, the well-known Hungarian female author Margit Kaffka; the family home, which resembled the atmosphere of literary saloons, was regularly visited by several young artist and writers as well. The family had a personal library of countless book, which made the afternoons very desirable for young Gyula Juhasz, who later became a famous Hungarian poet, and for Béla Balázs, later internationally recognized director and film critique. Mariska as everyone called her, met the well-known poet Miklos Radnóti during his college years, possibly around 1931. He has autographed two of her books. Mária’s name and achievements were well recognized in the local community since she was the secretary of the Feminist Association of Szeged. Her daughter Judit Kárász (1912−1977) was a pioneer photographer in the field of sociophotography. Although her name appears on the family tombstone, she was not buried in the Jewish cemetery of Szeged. She had left the country for Denmark in 1935, and only returned to live and work as a museum photographer in Budapest in 1949. When the year 1944 had come, Mrs. Kárász (neé Mária Szivessy) was taken along with thousands of people into the local Jewish ghetto and who were then deported by the trains concentration camps on the 27th and 28th of June. Poems and books dedicated to her and a stolperstein on Nagy Jenő Street keep her memory alive.