Mamilla Boulevard


Mamilla was a Jerusalem neighborhood established in the late 19th century outside the Old City, west of the Jaffa Gate, containing a mixed Jewish-Arab business district. Between the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, and the 1967 Six-Day War, it was located along the armistice line between the Israeli and Jordanian-held sectors of the city. Due to building destruction caused by Jordanian shelling, the Israeli government approved an urban renewal project for Mamilla. This allowed for apportioning land for residential and commercial zones, including hotels, shops, and office spaces, ultimately leading to The Mamilla Mall, which opened in 2007.

Mamilla Mall, also called Alrov Mamilla Avenue, is an upscale shopping street and the only open-air mall in West Jerusalem. Located northwest of Jaffa Gate, the mall consists of a 2,000-foot pedestrian promenade called Alrov Mamilla Avenue lined by 140 stores, restaurants, and cafes, and office space on upper floors.